Breast Surgery is performed at New Victoria Hospital under a few of our specialist consultants, for varying reasons. Physiotherapy is not routinely required post Breast Surgery, except for those undergoing a Mastectomy or on occasion, a wide local excision.

These operations require a 1 nights stay, though depending on the extent of surgery, can also be performed as a day case.

Will I See A Physiotherapist Before My Surgery?

You do not see a physiotherapist prior to your operation, though you may see our Breast Nurse Specialist a few weeks prior to your surgery to provide details and answer any questions you may have.

What Should I Expect After My Surgery?

Following surgery, you are likely to feel quite fatigued and nauseous. If you have had a mastectomy or wide local excision, a physiotherapist will see you following your operation to provide you with shoulder exercises to prevent stiffness. An exercise leaflet with these in, devised by Breast Cancer Research, will also be provided.

Usually, your mobility is unaffected after the operation, though you may feel slightly unsteady as a result of the anaesthetic. The physiotherapist can also assist you initially out of bed post-surgery.

Will I Need Physiotherapy After I’m Discharged?

Physiotherapy is not required following Breast Surgery, though should you have any concerns please discuss this with your physiotherapist and/or consultant.

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Service Details

Length Of Stay1 Day

Physiotherapy Treatment

Advice & ExercisesYes
Mobility AssessmentOn Request
Equipment ProvisionOn Request

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