Foot Surgery is performed regularly at New Victoria Hospital under a handful of our specialist consultants. These surgeries can be done as a day case, or may require an one night stay with us at the hospital. Some of the common foot surgeries carried out are:

  • Bunion Correction
  • Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Foot/Ankle Arthroscopies
  • Ligament Repair
  • Gastrocnemius Release

Will I See A Physiotherapist Before My Surgery?

You are not routinely seen by a physiotherapist prior to your operation, though one may introduce themselves to you. If you have any queries you would like to speak to the physiotherapist about prior to your operation, please inform the nursing staff and a staff member can attend.

What Should I Expect After My Surgery?

After your surgery, you can often feel tired & slightly nauseous following the anaesthetic, and have reduced sensation in the operated limb. This sensation returns quickly in the hours following surgery. Your foot will be heavily bandaged, and you may have some fluid connected to your arm to keep you hydrated.

A physiotherapist will visit you once you are more alert in order to give post-operative advice. This will include:

  • Post operative pain and swelling advice
  • Provision of any equipment including specialist shoes and elbow crutches
  • Mobility Assessment
  • Stairs Practice

Elbow crutches are not always required following foot/ankle surgery; this is determined by your weight bearing status and any instructions from your surgeon. Should you have your own pair of elbow crutches, it may be useful to bring these on the day of your surgery.

Will I Need Physiotherapy After I’m Discharged?

After your surgery, you are not required to have immediate outpatient physiotherapy unless your surgeon requests this. Routinely, you are seen by your consultant in the weeks following surgery, and if deemed appropriate, then they will refer you for this. For more details on post-operative rehabilitation see here.

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Service Details

Length of Stay0 - 1 days

Physiotherapy Treatment

Advice & ExercisesYes
Mobility AssessmentYes
Equipment ProvisionYes

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