What Does The Hip & Knee Replacement Exercise Class Involve?

Rehabilitation after a Hip or Knee Replacement is key in getting a successful outcome. This exercise class is circuit based, allowing those that have undergone surgery to perform targeted exercises with others in a similar position and under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

The class is every Tuesday between 1300-1400, taking place in our gym at New Victoria Physiotherapy. You are able to begin the exercise class approximately 6 weeks following hip or knee replacement surgery.You should bring appropriate clothing and footwear in order to participate fully in the sessions.

Are There Any Risks?

You are able to go at your own pace during the exercise class, therefore there are very few risks. Should you have any medical conditions that you feel may affect your ability to participate in exercise, then please inform the physiotherapist at the start of the session.

Following the classes, it is natural to feel fatigued and sore. This should settle within a few days, but if you are concerned, then please let your physiotherapist know.

Are There Any Costs?

The class costs £120 for 4 sessions which should ideally be consecutive. You should check with your insurance company as this may not always be covered as part of your treatment.

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If you would like more information regarding our Hip & Knee Replacement exercise classes, please contact us now using our enquiry form or call New Victoria Physiotherapy on 0208 949 9040.

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