Knee surgery is performed regularly at New Victoria Hospital, and our physiotherapists are experienced in managing your recovery.

Some common knee surgeries performed at New Victoria Hospital are:

  • Arthroscopies
  • MUAs
  • ACL Reconstructions
  • Total/Partial Knee Replacements

Will I See A Physiotherapist Before My Surgery?

Total/Partial knee replacements will be seen in a pre-operative assessment. For more details on this, see joint replacement surgery here. For all other knee surgeries, you are not routinely seen prior to your surgery. Should you have any questions on the day of your surgery, ask the nursing staff to request that a physiotherapist sees you.

What Should I Expect After My Surgery?

Following surgery, you are likely to feel quite fatigued. A local anaesthetic may have been used to help with pain relief following surgery. You will have a bulky dressing covering the knee, and some fluids may be connected to a cannula in your arm.

A physiotherapist will visit once you are more alert, to give you further details on your surgery and the rehabilitation process. This will include:

  • Details of the surgery and any restrictions following
  • Assessment of movement and power
  • Pain and swelling advice
  • Advice on daily activities such as washing and dressing
  • Exercises to be performed at home
  • Provision of walking aids if required
  • Mobility Assessment
  • Stairs practice

Will I Need Physiotherapy After I’m Discharged?

You will need continued outpatient physiotherapy following your surgery, unless informed otherwise by your surgeon. This should routinely start 1 week following surgery. For more details see post-operative rehabilitation here.

Should you be using your own physiotherapist following surgery, you may want to organise this in advance.

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Service Details

Length Of Stay0 - 1 Days

Physiotherapy Treatment

Advice & ExercisesYes
Mobility AssessmentYes
Equipment ProvisionOn request

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