What Does Manual Therapy Involve?

Manual Therapy involves any form of “hands on” treatment provided. This can be anything from:

  • Moving joints at certain speeds in certain directions
  • Manipulation of joints to regain movement
  • Passive stretching
  • Passive movements
  • Massage & other soft tissue techniques

Our physiotherapists will often use a combination of these within treatment sessions. The techniques used will be determined by your physiotherapist based on aims that we would like to achieve in order to improve your condition.

Are There Any Risks?

Our physiotherapists all have extensive experience and knowledge, and complete regular training to ensure their manual therapy skills are up to date.

During your initial assessment, the physiotherapist will enquire regarding any conditions that may limit the use of certain manual therapies. You will always be asked for consent before beginning any hands on techniques.

Are There Any Costs?

Manual Therapy is included as part of your treatment, and is provided at no additional cost.

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