What Is A Mummy MOT?

1 in 3 post natal women will have pelvic floor problems which can result in pain, weakness, prolapse or incontinence. Intervention by a Women's Health Physiotherapist can help support women back to optimum health, with a holistic individualised program for long term recovery.

The Mummy MOT is a service provided by our Women's Health Physiotherapist. This usually occurs 6 weeks and beyond following child birth.

What Does The Mummy MOT Involve?

The Mummy MOT should be thought of as a check up following child birth. Included is:

  • A 1 hour post natal assessment with a specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist
  • Check of pelvic floor strength
  • Check of tummy gap
  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from child birth or pregnancy
  • A bespoke postnatal recovery program will be recommended. This includes advice & exercises surrounding posture, breathing & core activation.

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Appointment Duration

Mummy MOT60 Minutes

Service Details

Insurance CoverageYes

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