What Does Oedema Management Involve?

Oedema is swelling that presents quite commonly following injury or surgery. Excessive oedema can slow down healing, and restrict range of movement and power. Effective management can help reduce swelling and speed up recovery.

Our Therapists are well experienced with dealing with excessive swelling, and will use a wide range of techniques to help. This can include:

  • Electrotherapy
  • Oedema Massage
  • Lycraband or Kinesiology taping

Are There Any Risks To Oedema Management?

Most treatment choices for oedema have very few risk factors. The exact risks are dependent on individual circumstances and the exact choice of treatment. Your therapist will inform you of any potential risks before commencing treatment.

Are There Any Costs To Oedema Management?

No, oedema management is part of physiotherapy treatment. There is therefore no additional cost.

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