What Does Taping Involve?

Taping or Strapping involves the application of adhesive tape directly to the skin in order to either offload/support an anatomical structure, or to stop unwanted movement at a joint.

The decision to tape is made by your physiotherapist following a thorough examination, and with a specific goal in mind. This will be discussed with you to ensure you are happy to proceed with this. There can be multiple techniques/ways to apply the tape, and the choice by your physiotherapist will be made with the aim in mind.

The tape will last a few days, and you are able to get it wet in this time. Remove the tape once it begins to peel, or if you feel any irritation to the skin.

Are There Any Risks?

You can experience irritation to the skin with taping/strapping. To help limit this, the physiotherapist will double check you are not allergic to any materials used. Should you notice any redness or itching, then the tape should be removed immediately.

Are There Any Costs?

No, taping and strapping is provided as part of your physiotherapy service, and there is no cost for any materials used. However, should you wish to take tape home with you for self-application, then this will need to be purchased. The cost of the tape can be found under our equipment section here.

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