What Does Wax Therapy Involve?

Wax therapy involves placing the affected hand in a warm wax bath. This helps to heat and relax the tissues of the hand, helping with both pain relief and to increase range of movement in the hand.

The wax bath is made up of molten paraffin wax, which is maintained at a regular temperature.

Are There Any Risks To Wax Therapy?

The wax bath temperature is checked regularly and checked prior to use to ensure that scolding is not an issue. Wax baths should not be used on open cuts or wounds, and caution should be used with those with inflammatory skin conditions.

Are There Any Costs To Wax Therapy?

Wax therapy is used as part of your treatment if deemed appropriate by your hand therapist. Therefore there are no additional costs for the use of this treatment within sessions. If a longer appointment time is required then this can incur additional cost.

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